Helping You Get A Fresh Financial Start

Many people experience financial problems through no fault of their own. A job layoff, a long illness, a divorce and other unforeseen events can lead to unmanageable levels of debt.

If you are behind on your bills, are dipping into your 401(k) or have taken out a second mortgage, the warning signs are clear. You need to begin taking action to ensure a better financial future. Fortunately, help is available for anyone with excessive debt.

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, we have helped many hard-working people get the debt relief they deserve and a fresh start through the bankruptcy system.

Contact us today for a consultation. It could be the first step toward a brighter financial future for you and your family.

Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can eliminate or reduce many debts. The extra cash flow you obtain can enable you to more easily handle your remaining debts, making your life easier in many ways.

One of the qualified bankruptcy attorneys at our firm can review your situation and recommend the right solution for you. These include:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, completely eliminates unsecured debts such as credit card debts, medical bills and personal loans while allowing you to begin rebuilding your credit sooner than you would expect.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as a reorganization bankruptcy, eliminates or reduces unsecured debts and provides a three- to five-year payment plan for your remaining debts. This option is most appropriate for those with regular incomes or who have significant property they want to keep.

If filing bankruptcy is not the right solution for your situation, we will tell you so.

Stop Foreclosure, Repossession And Garnishment As Soon As You File

The moment we file bankruptcy for you, repossession, garnishment and judgment actions stop. Creditors and bill collectors can no longer harass you.

Foreclosure stops, too. Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can keep your house and fold any past-due mortgage payments into your payment plan. Chapter 7 bankruptcy halts foreclosure for a while, giving you time to find another place to live or come up with the funds you need to cover your mortgage.

You Can Keep Your Property

In almost all situations, bankruptcy allows you to keep your personal property, including your home, your vehicles, your retirement accounts and personal property. We have a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy laws and will work to help you keep as much of your property as possible, while maximizing your debt relief.

For debt relief and a fresh financial start, look to Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC.

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