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The benefit of working with charities long before giving

If you're thinking of leaving a portion of your estate to a charity, it's important to pay close attention to a few options long before writing them into your will. Experts warn against simply picking charities that you like without really getting to know how they work.

After all, you're giving them a significant amount of money. You want to know what they do with the funds they have. How do they handle spending? What checks and balances are in place? What would they do with an influx of new money? Is it really going to be used for things that you support?

The legal benefits of tying the knot

Some people decide not to get married, even in a serious relationship, opting to just date for years. They may not want the hassle of planning a wedding or they may have been married before, feeling unwilling to do it all again.

While situations are different for everyone, it is important to remember that there are some legal benefits to deciding to tie the knot. These include:

What if your spouse doesn't want to do estate planning?

You know that estate planning is important, and you want to get started. Your spouse, though, has absolutely no interest in the process. Every time you bring it up, he or she shoots it down. What can you do?

First off, there are things that you can do by yourself, and you should focus on those first. This way, at least you're making some progress, rather than letting your spouse's apathy wear off on you.

Are there any positive health benefits to divorce?

Divorce studies don't always look at older women, often focusing on younger individuals. However, divorce is a reality for people of all ages, so some researchers have begun to shift their focus. They wanted to find out what impact divorce had on the lives of older individuals.

One thing that they noted was that there could actually be health benefits to splitting up. In a study slated for the Journal of Women's Health, researchers claimed that older women may actually lose weight after divorce.

Is it wise to use a credit card for child support?

You want to make those child support payments on time and in full. You really do. But then you realize you don't have enough money on hand one month. Should you use a credit card to make the payment?

Obviously, the situation is different for everyone. There are ramifications to not paying child support. Your wages could be garnished, for example. If you want to avoid legal action, putting the payment on your card does do that.

Only a quarter of wealthy people have a complete estate plan

In some cases, those without a lot of assets assume that they don't need an estate plan. Those plans, they believe, are just for the wealthy. They're a way for those with a lot of money and assets to make sure they're divided properly.

However, Scorpio Partnership and RBC Wealth Management carried out a study in 2016, and they found that the vast majority of wealthy people didn't even have complete estate plans. Only 26 percent had all of the different aspects of the plan in place.

Why couples should discuss money and perhaps prenups

People often don't want to talk about money. They feel uncomfortable. Asking about earnings and debt seems too personal. This is true even for couples who are dating, living together and planning to get married.

However, experts warn that couples really should have these conversations before tying the knot. They may even want to consider prenuptial agreements to protect themselves financially.

Having second thoughts about your divorce?


Change is rarely easy. Even when change is healthy and positive, it is rare that one is able to navigate significant change without encountering some practical and emotional challenges. Sometimes, these challenges can be beneficial. Not only can they clarify what still needs to be done, they can allow us to question whether a certain course of action is the healthiest route to take.

Why alimony began and how the need for it has changed

The original goal of alimony was to make husbands provide for their wives. Alimony can be traced back centuries, and, though it may sound odd to the modern reader, this was a time in which women did not have any job opportunities. The courts assumed men would provide for them, and if a marriage broke up, they knew women still had basic needs -- food, shelter and more -- that had to be met.

There was also a concern, noted in some historical documents, that women without this support would be a burden on the local community.

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