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Your own happiness improves your kids' lives

Have you ever heard two unhappy parents talk about staying together for the kids? Do you think that divorce may actually be better for the kids than the marriage?

For example, perhaps your spouse is abusive. It's typically just emotional abuse, but it has also turned into financial abuse and it's occasionally physical.

Why DNA paternity tests are superior to blood type tests

For unmarried couples, paternity tests can be very important. For example, a man may say that a child is not his and he does not want to pay child support, while a woman may insist that it is his child. A lot of money is on the line, so having a test that provides definitive results is crucial.

That's why modern paternity tests focus on DNA, not only blood types, as older tests did.

Why is term life insurance more affordable?

You're considering life insurance as you do your estate planning. You want to make sure your kids are provided for if you pass away.

What you're finding is that term life insurance is cheaper than permanent life insurance on a monthly basis. While it makes sense that it'd be cheaper overall -- since the payments stop at a certain point -- why does it cost less each month?

You may not get an apology during a divorce

You're getting divorced, but your spouse caused it. Perhaps he or she was unfaithful, or maybe your spouse asked for the divorce when you wanted to work things out.

You feel like you're owed an apology. Now you have to go through a long and complex legal process. You have to divide your assets. If you have kids, their stable family unit is being torn apart. You may feel like you're starting your adult life over, and all of your plans are gone.

Critical tips to keep heirs from arguing

You're leaving money to your kids. You don't want them to fight over it. What can you do?

Parents are often worried about this. They want to leave a legacy. They want to help their children. They don't want to create a situation of constant strife and fighting, which may tear the family apart.

Does a high income mean you won't get child support?

You and your spouse split up, and you get custody of your kids. Your ex only works part-time and makes around $2,000 per month. You have a far better job, though, and you make over $100,000 per year. Does this mean that you're not going to get any child support payments from your ex simply because you, as the custodial parent, earn so much more?

It doesn't have to. Courts have set guidelines and formulas that they use to determine child support payments. They do have the ability to deviate from these in some situations, but they don't have to.

Do you need legal assistance naming a guardian for your child?

As the parent of a minor, you may have many concerns regarding the welfare of your child. Those concerns may relate to his or her health, safety, overall care or many other areas of life that could impact your child. Of course, you may also have worries that a day may come when you and your spouse can no longer care for your child. Though no parent wants to unexpectedly leave a child, sudden incidents could occur.

Rather than simply contemplate what you think could happen in the event that you could leave your child parentless, you can take a proactive approach and plan for such an event by appointing a guardian for your child in your will. While you may think that you could take such a step without legal assistance, consulting with an attorney could prove useful.

Arizona court countered by Supreme Court in divorce case

A retired military member and his wife got divorced. The man was entitled to a pension, to which his wife had a claim, but had a disability. He changed a portion of the pension so that it was instead considered disability benefits.

The Arizona Supreme Court then said that the man still had to provide compensation to his ex. Since the pension's value was lowered, the court said that she lost money and needed the compensation to make up for it.

4 legal upsides to getting married

You're trying to decide if you and your significant other should take the next step in your relationship and get married. While you may start out simply thinking of the emotional side of the relationship, it may be worth considering the practical, legal side, as well.

With that in mind, consider the following legal and financial benefits to marriage.

Can you keep your kids from contesting your will?

The last thing you want is for your children to fight over your estate and contest your will after you pass away. The whole reason you drafted a will is that you wanted to make the transition of assets go smoothly, allowing your family members to stay close.

You can't completely guarantee that your will won't be contested, but there are steps you can take to make it less likely.

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