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Only a quarter of wealthy people have a complete estate plan

In some cases, those without a lot of assets assume that they don't need an estate plan. Those plans, they believe, are just for the wealthy. They're a way for those with a lot of money and assets to make sure they're divided properly.

However, Scorpio Partnership and RBC Wealth Management carried out a study in 2016, and they found that the vast majority of wealthy people didn't even have complete estate plans. Only 26 percent had all of the different aspects of the plan in place.

Why couples should discuss money and perhaps prenups

People often don't want to talk about money. They feel uncomfortable. Asking about earnings and debt seems too personal. This is true even for couples who are dating, living together and planning to get married.

However, experts warn that couples really should have these conversations before tying the knot. They may even want to consider prenuptial agreements to protect themselves financially.

Having second thoughts about your divorce?


Change is rarely easy. Even when change is healthy and positive, it is rare that one is able to navigate significant change without encountering some practical and emotional challenges. Sometimes, these challenges can be beneficial. Not only can they clarify what still needs to be done, they can allow us to question whether a certain course of action is the healthiest route to take.

Why alimony began and how the need for it has changed

The original goal of alimony was to make husbands provide for their wives. Alimony can be traced back centuries, and, though it may sound odd to the modern reader, this was a time in which women did not have any job opportunities. The courts assumed men would provide for them, and if a marriage broke up, they knew women still had basic needs -- food, shelter and more -- that had to be met.

There was also a concern, noted in some historical documents, that women without this support would be a burden on the local community.

4 reasons a will could be challenged

Contesting a will can be both complicated and controversial. It often happens when someone already feels like he or she was unfairly cut out of the will, or that assets were not distributed as they should have been. In some cases, if the effort is successful, the will may not be followed. Four reasons a will may be contested include:

1. It is suspected that the will is fraudulent.2. The will was not signed in a way that corresponds with state laws.3. Undue influence was put on the person signing the will, pushing that person to agree to things he or she did not really want.4. The person did not have the capacity to sign a will and truly understand what was happening; this reasoning is sometimes used when the person has a degenerative brain disease.

Key factors often leading to child support modification

Child support orders are given out based on the specific details of the case -- income levels, number of children, etc -- at the time of the divorce. However, we all know just how fast life can change. Below are a few reasons a modification may be needed down the line:

-- Income changes. You could lose your job, get a pay cut or quit one job in favor of another. When your income levels change significantly, payments that were initially affordable may be too high.

3 huge reasons why you must have an estate plan

Don't think that you're too young to have an estate plan, or that you don't have enough assets. Don't assume that you can put it off and do it next year. Experts have noted that there are a few huge reasons why you need to get your plan in place right now, such as:

-- Protecting beneficiaries from themselves. Perhaps you're going to leave money to minors -- like your grandchildren -- or adults who you are afraid may waste it. Doing nothing and passing down cash can open the door to all sorts of mistakes that can be made with your hard-earned money. A proper estate plan can use trusts and other tools to control the money, avoid costly mistakes and protect both your estate and your heirs.

Some face an identity crisis after divorce

People build their own identities over time, and these can shift and change depending on where you are in life. Not that you don't think of yourself as an independent individual, but you also thought of yourself as a spouse after you got married, for example, and as a parent after your first child was born. These are huge milestones that help define who you are.

The problem, for some, is that an identity crisis can strike after a divorce. This is especially true if your kids have grown up and moved out of the house.

6 huge reasons that couples split up

It often seems like infidelity is the first thing people think of when asked why they think the divorce rate is so high. Certainly, this can have a huge impact and it does every year. However, it's important to note that marriages end for all sorts of reasons, including:

1. Two people got married very quickly. They may not have known each other as well as they thought. After dating for six months and getting married, they then learned enough over the next three years of marriage to know they made a mistake.

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