3 common estate planning mistakes

You probably know the importance of estate planning and might be thinking of how to go about it. While it’s never too late to act, you need to be careful not to cause any misunderstanding when you are gone.

For example, an improperly drafted will can throw succession plans in disarray, and the conflict may stretch to the family and cause divisions. To avoid that, you need to steer clear of some typical mistakes many make when planning the future of their estate.

Not planning in advance

When you rush your estate plans, something is bound to go wrong. You may leave out assets or other critical aspects like power of attorney. While many people think of a will as a simple message of how your assets should be distributed, there is more to it.

A proper estate plan needs to cover the uncertainties of life. When an accident leaves you incapacitated, you need someone to act on your behalf until you recover or can decide for yourself.

Failing to update your estate plans

You have a will, but how recent is it? Do you think you should move more assets into the trust? If you have any questions regarding your current estate plans, it may be time to update them. Any additional beneficiaries, divorce or other significant life events require a review of your estate plans.

Not being aware of your options

Most people are not aware of the various avenues they can use when making estate plans. A case in point is the widespread misinformation that trusts are only the preserve of the rich. As a result, many shy away from looking to find out how these useful estate planning tools can be beneficial to them.

You need to get it right and ensure no loopholes exist that will disrupt your estate plans or affect your loved one’s inheritance after you are gone.

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