Document Preparation

Family law issues are difficult and emotional. Many times, when one party gets a lawyer involved, it makes matters worse because now the other side feels they have to hire an attorney in order to keep up. This tends to escalate things and perhaps turn things that were not issues in dispute before, now be in dispute. In the end, both parties end up spending much more than necessary on attorneys to obtain the same result.

Arizona divorce documents are not simple and can have serious ramifications if not completed correctly. If you use document preparation services to assist you in getting the process started correctly, and the other side then hires a lawyer, you can always hire one yourself. There is no statute or rule that prevents you from doing so at any time during the process.

If you believe that you have reached agreements on all issues or have only a few minor things that need to be resolved, a document preparer can be useful in keeping both parties calm.

However, your documents need to be completed correctly and filed with the appropriate court, and perhaps delivered to the Judge depending on what is being filed. There are specific statutes and rules of procedure that must be followed in order to get your case heard by the court. Failure to do so may result in your case being dismissed or sanctions against you.

At Lincoln & Wenk, we ensure that not only do you have the correct documents and that they are completed correctly, but that the correct procedures are followed.

We can assist you with not only getting your legal documents filed, but also served on the other party, filed with the court, hand-delivered to the Judge; having a hearing set, and informing our customers as to the next steps they need to complete in order to comply with the required procedures.

We also ensure that you are prepared for court and are aware of what will happen at any given hearing.

At Lincoln & Wenk we don't just provide with you with a set of documents and send you on your way. We continue to be available for questions as your case progresses.

We recognize that no two families are the same, and no two family law matters are the same. Boilerplate documents do not work in most cases where there are unique facts and circumstances that warrant customized pleadings to express to the Judge your position on any given issue.

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