Phoenix Auto Insurance Defense Attorneys

When serious injury, wrongful death or other high-value damages are alleged after a car or trucking accident, the outcome of the case often turns on the rapid recovery and preservation of evidence. Insurers require active, highly informed and determined representation by attorneys with a wealth of relevant experience.

Skilled, Proactive Auto Accident And Injury Lawyers · Goodyear And Peoria Locations

Defense of auto and commercial transportation insurers that may have millions at risk in motor vehicle accident litigation is a clear strength for the insurance defense team at Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC. Our agile business model positions us to prioritize your case right away. We take steps such as acquiring crucial witness statements and securing photographic and other physical evidence as rapidly as possible.

Emphasizing Rapid, Thorough Investigation · Auto And Trucking Case Experience

Rigor in upfront case analysis must be supported by extensive knowledge of Arizona insurance law and specific claims and coverage issues. Phoenix auto insurance defense lawyers at our firm are adept at identifying the best defense strategies based on the facts and level of exposure in each specific case we handle. Our defense capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • All types of claims under personal auto coverage, including liability, personal injury and property damage, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and bad faith litigation
  • Representation of commercial transportation carriers after trucking accidents, which often requires in-depth investigation of safety and regulatory compliance concerns associated with driving hours, vehicle maintenance, proper record keeping and more

Trial-Ready Counsel And Diligent Compliance With Administrative Requirements

We strive to consistently reward the trust that claims adjusters, insurance executives and self-insured transportation companies place in us. While effective case-building is often the key to positive resolution outside the courtroom, we are impeccably prepared to try your case if needed.

We are highly efficient, exercising full recognition of the need to comply with your unique reporting and billing requirements. Our law firm is known for reasonable rates as well as an excellent track record. To discuss your current case or ongoing needs with the lawyer best qualified to assist you, call 623-748-4890 or contact us online now.