Goodyear Construction Defect Litigation Lawyers

Contractors, subcontractors and their liability insurers must sometimes confront claims that failures in design or workmanship caused personal injury or financial harm. Such construction defect disputes typically involve multiple parties with either common or opposing interests. Questions of fault, contract terms, whether insurance coverage applies at all, and many other aspects of the case are often critical to the outcome.

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, a firm with full-service offices in Peoria and Goodyear, construction defect litigation attorneys with strong, relevant experience will respond promptly and proactively to your concerns. We have successfully defended the interests of many commercial insurers and clients engaged in the construction industry.

Active, Rigorous Defense Of Contractors' And Insurers' Interests

We emphasize rapid, thorough investigation in all of our commercial and insurance defense work. Our knowledge, resources and capabilities extend to:

  • Defense of builders, roofing contractors, plumbing and electrical contractors and other parties against lawsuits alleging that a defect led to injury, loss of use of the property, business interruption, diminished value or other damages
  • Rigorous analysis of contracts, scope of work performed and other concerns in the effort to reduce or limit the liability exposure of our clients
  • The use of highly qualified experts in fields such as structural engineering, safety, building codes and standard construction practices

Our lawyers' experience in this complex practice area equips us well to bring forward applicable case law and identify the most effective defense strategies. We serve our clients in full view of their unique concerns, including maintaining control over the costs of defense representation.

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If you are in need of focused, intelligent counsel to deal with construction defect allegations, our legal team will provide exactly that. To schedule a consultation as soon as possible, contact us by telephone or email now.