How to Prove Separate Property in a Divorce in Arizona

Do you plan to state your wedding vows in the future? Perhaps things aren’t going well. Even if you aren’t expecting to file for divorce, understanding how to prove separate property in a divorce could benefit your current and future financial health. Married couples collect various assets during their nuptial years, and many will struggle

Do I Have To Sell My House in a Divorce in Arizona?

“Do I have to sell my house in a divorce?” is a question people often ask when preparing to dissolve their marriage. Even a straightforward collaborative divorce is a major upheaval, and the thought of leaving your family home can be overwhelming.  If you consult divorce lawyers in Phoenix, you’ll find out that you may sell

How To Transfer Guardianship of a Disabled Person in Arizona

Disabled persons may need a guardian to handle anything from medical care to living arrangements on their behalf. So, what happens when there’s a need for custody change for disabled adults or when a disabled person moves to Arizona? Read on to learn how to transfer guardianship of a disabled person in Arizona or to

How To Choose an Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona

When you’re ready to start estate planning, your first step is selecting the right lawyer to help you draft a legally valid will and other documents. There are many experienced attorneys in Goodyear, AZ, but how do you find the perfect fit for you? Find out how to choose an estate planning attorney who suits your

Navigating the Adoption Process in Arizona: What You Need To Know

Families in Arizona may have different reasons for choosing adoption, like infertility, a personal calling to adopt, or bonding with a child through family ties or foster care. Whichever type of adoption you pursue, it’s a life-changing step for your family and the child. Before you embark on the adoption process in Arizona, we recommend

Three Financial Obligations That Can Diminish Someone’s Legacy

During the Arizona probate process, family members and individuals named as beneficiaries in the deceased’s estate planning paperwork can become the legal owners of property that previously belonged solely to the decedent. A testator who has created an estate plan could name anyone that they care about as a beneficiary set to receive some of

Will Dating Impact My Divorce Case In Any Way?

Once the paperwork is formally filed and divorce is underway, it is easy to think you are free to move on and, possibly, give love another shot. After all, you are no longer romantically involved with your soon-to-be ex. But is this always a good idea? While no law in Arizona prohibits you from dating

What is financial infidelity?

Trust is the foundation of a good marriage, so infidelity of any kind can strike a death blow to the relationship – and that includes something known as “financial infidelity.” This involves one half of a couple hiding or lying about any financial matter to the other. Financial infidelity is surprisingly common. According to a

What can you do if your adult child won’t get a prenup?

Your child has announced that they’re getting married. Even if you’ve already grown to love their spouse-to-be, you still want them to have a prenuptial agreement to protect the assets your child already has and especially those they’ll accumulate and/or inherit in the future. There’s one big hurdle: They don’t intend to get a prenup.

Gray divorce rates are on the rise

In recent years, an interesting phenomenon has become apparent concerning divorce rates. Age plays a huge role in the likelihood that a couple will go the distance at any given point in their relationship. For most people who are under 50, the divorce rate is going down. But for those who are over 50, the

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