Beware of scams when you set out to plan your estate

A recent news report out of Tucson contains dire warnings about an estate planning scam currently targeting Arizona citizens. Such scams offer the promise of huge savings on will and trust documents, but they drain away your assets instead.

Scams that target the aging and elderly plague the nation, robbing citizens of thousands or more of their assets and savings. Learn more about these estate planning scams to protect yourself or your elderly loved ones.

Cold call contact

If someone calls you up out of nowhere offering low-cost deals on estate planning, hang up the phone. No reputable agency or firm gets clients through cold calling. You can probably find professional estate planning guidance close to your neighborhood.

Trust and will mills

The living trust is an essential estate planning tool. You can use it to protect your assets and help your family members avoid the probate process. Unfortunately, their popularity makes it easy for scammers to sell worthless living trusts (or wills) on a large scale.

Estate planning kits

An estate planning kit sounds like a convenient idea. You need only complete the forms and add your signature. Unfortunately, these kits are produced on demand and likely do not account for the estate laws unique to your location. They also do not contain tailor-made provisions relevant to your life, family and assets.

No shortcuts

Estate planning takes time and careful consideration, but it does not need to be difficult or complicated. If you intend to spend your hard-earned money on a plan, it makes sense to work with a vetted professional—not a stranger about whom you know nothing.

Take your first step toward a financially sound plan by learning more about estate planning in Arizona.

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