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Aggressive is Not Always the Best Tactic

We often get asked "How aggressive are you?"  The answer is, "As aggressive as you want us to be."  As a client, you should know that the more aggressive your attorney is in litigation, the more it will cost.  Most family law attorneys bill by the hour, so the more work that goes into a file (the more aggressive your attorney is), the more it costs the client.

Many times, the parties have a farily amicable split and only have a few issues to work out.  If your attorney is aware of these agreements, they should be memorialized early in the litigation process to eliminate them from the list of issues to be pursued.  Too often these agreements fall apart as the remaining issues are litigated.  (ie. the parties agree on custody and parenting time but not child support.  During the course of litigating the child support issue, one parent changes his/her mind about what they want for parenting time.)  This can be avoided by getting the parenting time agreement made in to an Order of the Court as soon as an agreement is reached.

The client controls the course of the litigation and the attorney should defer to the wishes of the client after consultation and advice from the attorney.  Most family law attorneys become personally invested in the litigation.  That's a good thing as you know your attorney will be passionate about your case.  However, your attorney should always remember that it is YOUR case and you make the final determination as to how agressive or not agressive to be.

If you want an attorney who will listen to your problems and offer guidance and advocacy based on your specific situation, and respects his/her role in the litigation and defers to your wishes, contact Trullinger & Wenk at 623-536-550 to schedule a consulation.

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