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Motorcycle crashes into truck in Phoenix, leaves 2 dead

| Nov 14, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Arizona left two people dead and the police wondering what the circumstances were leading up to the crash. According to the minimal information that is available about the motorcycle accident as of right now, two people were riding a motorcycle when a large truck made a left turn.

The motorcycle attempted to avoid the truck, but it clipped a portion of the vehicle, spilling the two riders on to the road. Oncoming traffic was unable to avoid the downed riders, and they were run over by “several vehicles.” They were killed as a result, and now a thorough investigation will be performed to try and figure out why this happened.

The circumstances of this crash are, unfortunately, far too common for motorcycle accidents. Someone turns in front of them and the motorcyclist crashes into them because they don’t have time to react. This often occurs because the turning vehicle either failed to check his or her mirrors, or simply didn’t check at all. Even when drivers do check for motorcyclists, some are dismissive of motorcycles. That doesn’t mean they intentionally hit them — but they may not use the same or show the same respect they would show another motor vehicle.

When this happens, the driver could be deemed negligent, making him or her liable for the crash. The motorcyclist (or his or her loved ones) could file a civil suit against such a driver to earn a small sense of justice while also recouping needed finances for the traumatic incident.

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