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Dozens of vehicles (and dozens more injured) involved in pileup

| Dec 10, 2013 | Truck Accidents

It seems like every month or so, a really bad pileup crash occurs. Sometimes this happens because of bad weather; other times it may be due to random circumstances and bad luck; but in regardless of the cause, these massive pileup accidents usually leave many people injured and many more asking questions about how the accident will be sorted out and resolved.

This is typical in the wake of a pileup accident which, inherently, has many different smaller collisions that comprise the larger, more devastating crash itself. How do you determine liability in such an incident? What are people supposed to do about their medical bills and insurance, especially if they believe that they were not at fault in the wreck (or, even worse, if they think that negligence was a part of the accident)?

Shared liability is often the answer in these types of accidents. As the name implies, this legal term means that everyone involved in the accident takes on a portion of the liability for the accident, even if it is only a very small portion of it.

This type of liability will likely be used in a pileup crash that occurred north of the border recently.

According to Canadian news reports, at least 25 vehicles were involved (including six semi trucks) in a massive pileup accident. In the wake of the accident, 40 people were injured and 13 people required hospitalization. If (and likely when) civil suits become part of the equation, shared liability will likely be used to determine fault.

Source: CTV News, “Thirteen sent to hospital after six semi-trucks and over 20 vehicles crash,” Nov. 30, 2013


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