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Car crash at Mesa intersection injures 1

| Jan 13, 2014 | Car Accidents

A car accident at an intersection in Mesa, Arizona left one person injured and many wondering what exactly happened. Few details have been released about the crash, though it is suspected that the injured victim is a relative of a police officer. Police were at the scene and an investigation was surely launched.

A brief video was provided with our source story, showing that two vehicles collided in what appears to be either a head-on collision or a “t-bone” crash. It isn’t quite clear, but it did happen at an intersection. Intersections are where many car accidents occur, and that is no surprise.

By the very nature of intersections, and by sheer probability, these areas are where a great number of car accidents occur. You have vehicles of all shapes and sizes speeding past each other, making all sorts of turns; there are pedestrians and bikers travelling in all directions; and there are lights and traffic signals that need to be obeyed. They may be a common sight, but intersections are still very complicated areas that inherently cause some confusion and spark accidents.

It’s an obvious claim, but one that needs to be made. If someone makes a poor decision at an intersection, it can cost someone their life (or forever change it). We don’t know if that was the case in this wreck, but it is certainly possible. Did one of the cars misinterpret a traffic signal? Was one of the drivers distracted? Investigators will uncover the answers to these questions, which will likely make one of the drivers at fault.

Source: ABC 15, “PD: 1 injured in 2-car crash in Mesa,” Jan. 10, 2014


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