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Phoenix biker killed after being struck by car

| Jan 13, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents

A bicyclist in Phoenix (who has yet to be identified but was described as being a man “in his 50s”) was killed after a car hit him near an intersection. There are very few details being provided about this bike accident. The man was transported to a nearby hospital after the wreck, but eventually succumbed to his injuries. The police are investigating the crash, though at this time it appears no charges or arrests have been made.

Without any details, all that we can do is speculate as to how or why this accident occurred. Was the bicyclist at fault? Or did the driver of the motor vehicle act in a negligent or reckless manner? Could he have been distracted? Did the driver fail to give the bicyclist the proper amount of space?

There are a couple of unfortunate truths about bicycles out on the road, and the first is that many drivers fail to see or check for them. Bicyclists deserve the same respect as other motor vehicles, especially considering how vulnerable they are out in traffic. If a driver fails to look for a bicyclist and, as a result, an accident happens, then the driver could be held liable in civil court for the damage and injuries he or she caused the bicyclist.

The other fact here is that when a bicyclist is involved in an accident, they rarely walk away with just scrapes and bruises. Bikers are often dealt debilitating, catastrophic or fatal injuries that forever change their life. If the motor vehicle driver involved in the crash is proven to be negligent or liable, these injuries can be referenced (and earn you compensation) in a civil lawsuit.

Source: KSAZ, “Police: Phoenix man killed in bicycle vs car crash,” Brian Pryor, Jan. 8, 2014


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