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February 2014 Archives

Emergency responder accident leaves 3 injured in Phoenix

There's a motor vehicle accident topic that few people like to talk about or even think about, and for good reason: accidents with emergency responders. It is only natural to think or assume that emergency responders always make it to the scenes of an accident safely and properly. It's just the way it's supposed to work, or so our mind tells us. However, that is not always the case, may it be emergency responders arriving at or leaving from an accident scene.

How Facebook and divorce interact in the modern age

A very interesting story involving Facebook and divorce is making the rounds. In 1980, a man and a woman felt an instant connection when they met. He was in the military; and she met him for a date. Their love soon blossomed and for nine months they were a couple. However, the man soon learned that he was being deployed overseas. As a result, they split up. Many years passed without them even talking.

Motorcyclist severely injured after crash with garbage truck

A 28-year-old auctioneer in Phoenix was entering the prime of his life, with multiple kids and a recently born baby. He was on his way to see his fiancée recently, and he called her to say that he had just left. As he rode his motorcycle, he approached a driveway where a garbage truck was entering the road. The two vehicles collided, and the 28-year-old (who did not wear a helmet) suffered serious injuries.

Biker seriously injured after run-in with motor vehicle

Last week, we wrote a post about a Scottsdale biker who won a lawsuit after he crashed his bike on a dangerous path. In that post, we concluded by talking about the dangerous relationship bikes have with cars. Motor vehicles present such a massive threat to bicyclists out on the road; and as such, drivers need to be very careful when they are out on the road. They need to be focused at all times, and they have to be on the lookout for bikes. When they are in popular bike areas, change lanes or attempt to make turns, it is especially important that they keep a close watch for bikers.

How are Retirement Accounts Divided in Divorce

Like all other property (with a few limited exceptions) that is acquired during a marriage, retirement accounts are treated as community property and need to be divided. Regardless of the fact that the account may be solely in one party's name, to the extent monies were contributed to the account either by the person or an employer, they are community.

Bike accident on dangerous path leads to settlement with city

A man recently settled his bike accident case with the city of Scottsdale for nearly half a million dollars after he suffered a bevy of serious injuries on a bike path that was known as "dead man's curve."

3 vehicles, 5 injured involved in Phoenix accident

An accident involving three vehicles in Phoenix left two people with serious injuries and three others with injuries that were deemed "less than serious." Airlifts were required to take the seriously injured to the hospital

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