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3 vehicles, 5 injured involved in Phoenix accident

| Feb 3, 2014 | Car Accidents

An accident involving three vehicles in Phoenix left two people with serious injuries and three others with injuries that were deemed “less than serious.” Airlifts were required to take the seriously injured to the hospital

The crash occurred today during the morning commute at an intersection, and there is apparently video footage of the car accident. That will greatly help investigators as they try to find out what happened prior to and during the crash. Motor vehicle accident investigations are very important for the injured parties and their loved ones. If they want to file a civil lawsuit against other drivers involved in their wreck, then the investigation could support their claims. Video evidence obviously goes a long way in establishing this as well.

However, the investigation isn’t always an open-and-shut ordeal. Sometimes these accident reports can take many weeks, or even months, to complete. So there are two things that an accident victim needs to understand about the investigation. First, have patience with the process. It could take a long time before you have the answers you want. And second, when you do get those answers, talk to a personal injury attorney immediately so that you can review and build your case.

What will be interesting to learn about this crash is why it happened. It occurred at an intersection, as many wrecks do. Crashes at intersection are often blamed on inattentive drivers. Could a distracted driver have been involved in this crash? What about a negligent driver who failed to obey street signs or lights?

Source: Associated Press, “2 seriously injured in multicar wreck in suburban Phoenix,” Feb. 3, 2014


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