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Bike accident on dangerous path leads to settlement with city

| Feb 5, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents

A man recently settled his bike accident case with the city of Scottsdale for nearly half a million dollars after he suffered a bevy of serious injuries on a bike path that was known as “dead man’s curve.”

The moniker came from an obvious penchant for the path to cause serious accidents; and despites these accidents, and a number of citizen complaints to the city about the safety (or lack thereof), it took Scottsdale eight years to finally fix the bike path. But back to the man’s bike accident: it occurred in 2009 on this path with “dead man’s curve.” The man fell and suffered a number of broken bones, such as his hip, collarbone and ribs. He also suffered a punctured lung from the fall. 

The settlement is worth $420,000 and will likely go towards helping the man pay off medical bills and other associated financial issues that arise when one suffers serious injury from a bike accident. Now, while this accident did not involve another vehicle (or at least that is the way it appears), this sentiment is the same for bicycle accidents which do involve a motor vehicle.

Bicyclists are so vulnerable out on the road, even with safety equipment on. Being struck by a much larger motor vehicle can deal them serious and life-changing injuries. If the driver of the motor vehicle was negligent in any way, the accident could spur the injured bicyclist to pursue civil action — just like the man in this story. The compensation that could be garnered from such a lawsuit can prove vital for the injured biker.

Source: CBS 5, “City of Scottsdale to pay $420,000 for man’s bicycle crash,” Adam Longo, Jan. 26, 2014


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