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Biker seriously injured after run-in with motor vehicle

| Feb 10, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents

Last week, we wrote a post about a Scottsdale biker who won a lawsuit after he crashed his bike on a dangerous path. In that post, we concluded by talking about the dangerous relationship bikes have with cars. Motor vehicles present such a massive threat to bicyclists out on the road; and as such, drivers need to be very careful when they are out on the road. They need to be focused at all times, and they have to be on the lookout for bikes. When they are in popular bike areas, change lanes or attempt to make turns, it is especially important that they keep a close watch for bikers.

Unfortunately, that may not have been the case with a recent bike accident that left a 19-year-old with “extremely critical injuries.” Few details are available and the crash is under investigation, but the video report in our source article indicates that the car that struck the bicyclist was not speeding, nor was the driver impaired.

However, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Was the driver distracted in some way? Was he or she lost in thought or daydreaming? What caused the car to strike the bicyclist?

In the meantime, a young man is in severe pain and he may never be the same again as a result of this wreck. The outcome of the investigation will play a huge role in not only assigning blame for the accident, but also the potential civil court ramifications of the crash. If the driver is at fault, the bicyclist could sue and may be able to earn much-needed compensation to help pay for his medical bills and recovery.

Source: FOX 10 News, “Bicyclist injured in Chandler car accident,” Brian Pryor, Feb. 8, 2014


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