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Motorcyclist severely injured after crash with garbage truck

| Feb 18, 2014 | Truck Accidents

A 28-year-old auctioneer in Phoenix was entering the prime of his life, with multiple kids and a recently born baby. He was on his way to see his fiancée recently, and he called her to say that he had just left. As he rode his motorcycle, he approached a driveway where a garbage truck was entering the road. The two vehicles collided, and the 28-year-old (who did not wear a helmet) suffered serious injuries.

He is set to have multiple surgeries on his lower body, and the report indicates that he suffered “severe neck and back injuries.” The police are investigating the crash as they try to determine if the garbage truck driver was negligent in any way. He may have failed to yield to the motorcyclist.

This 28-year-old’s life likely will never be the same. His career as an auctioneer may be threatened, according to the story — and even if he can return as an auctioneer, it is unlikely that he will be the same physically. He had his whole life ahead of him; and though it’s still there, it has been significantly altered, and possibly all because of another person’s negligence.

These aspects can be referenced in a civil lawsuit by an accident victim. If the accident significantly changes their lives — physical limitations, dismantling a career, etc. — the compensation of the lawsuit could be very high so as to make up for that lost potential. This is especially important with motorcycle accidents, as the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist are often very severe.

Source: FOX 10, “Garbage truck collides with motorcycle; victim’s family speaks,” Andrew Hasbun, Feb. 10, 2014


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