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5 vehicles affected by Phoenix wreck, 1 seriously injured

| Mar 31, 2014 | Car Accidents

An accident in Phoenix involved five vehicles, left a police officer injured and another person with life-threatening injuries after being tossed from a motorcycle. The massive wreck began when the police officer tried to pull over a vehicle. As that vehicle made its way to the emergency lane, a truck hauling a camper collided with the police car, eventually rolling up with the pulled-over vehicle.

This initial three-vehicle wreck sparked a two-vehicle crash because one of the vehicles ended up in the high-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV lane). As a result, a sport utility vehicle had to hit the brakes to try and avoid the wreck vehicle, but it was too late. The SUV was struck by the motorcyclist mentioned above, and the biker was seriously injured.

Very little information was released about why the original accident occurred. Did the first vehicle pull over in a dangerous position? Was the vehicle that struck the police officer’s vehicle and ultimately started this entire fiasco being driven by a distracted or otherwise incapacitated driver?

Whatever the cause for this complex wreck, the investigation will find out what it was. Once the cause of the wreck is determined, the victims in this wreck may consider a civil lawsuit to help them pay for their medical bills and property damage.

It is important for accident victims to realize that in pile-ups like this, shared liability is often used to determine who owes what. Shared liability helps untangle the complicated web that exists in the wake of a car accident that involves numerous vehicles.

Source: ABC 15, “PD: On-duty detective hurt in Phoenix Loop 101 crash,” March 30, 2014


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