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Another U-turn gone wrong: 1 dead in Tucson as a result

| Mar 10, 2014 | Car Accidents

It appears that an U-turn is involved in another fatal car accident in Arizona, this time in Tucson. As you’ll recall from last week, we wrote a post about a driver who was killed after he made a seemingly-illegal U-turn. Now one person is dead and two others are injured after a 32-year-old man attempted a U-turn with his car. His vehicle was struck by an SUV being driven by a 47-year-old woman.

The police say that alcohol and speed could be factors in this wreck, though it was not clear who they suspected was in violation. An investigation into the crash will be launched, and some answers about the wreck will soon be provided.

But we return to the U-turn, which has always been a dangerous driving move, even on streets where it is legal. Many intersections ban U-turns — and even here you can see people blatantly ignoring the law. If you are considering making a U-turn at an intersection that permits it, please use extreme caution when doing so. Even though you can do it, a U-turn is still dangerous.

However, the illegal U-turns are of particular importance here. They can happen without warning, such as in the middle of a residential street. The people in cars behind the U-turning driver are not prepared for such a move, even though they may have enough time and space to stop in time. Sometimes, though, they don’t have that time — or the U-turn was done so negligently that cars on the other side of the road can’t avoid an accident.

The point here is to always drive safe, even if you are performing a legal driving move. You could still be held accountable for your actions if your driving was deemed reckless.

Source: Tucson News Now, “1 dead after 2 car accident on Broadway,” Amanda Hurley, March 8, 2014


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