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Online divorce offers convenience, but it’s not for everyone

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

It only seems fitting that in this internet age — where everything has a place on the web — divorce would eventually find an online format. And it appears it has with the company Wevorce, which specializes in online-only divorce. Wevorce recently added a video feature which they hope will help their users better interact during the divorce process and make it easier to coordinate divorce meetings for the splitting spouses, who likely have busy schedules.

Wevorce brings a novel concept to divorce, especially given our iincreasingly-technological society. However, it is important to remember that Wevorce’s concept is for couples who have a simple or amicable divorce. More complicated issues, like child custody and property division, need to be handled in person and likely over a long period of time.

An interesting statistic emerged from this article: around the world, a divorce is filed once every 13 seconds. That’s a staggering figure, so it really isn’t surprising that people are trying to find the easiest solutions to their divorce. After all, not every divorce is the same. Some involve intricate issues that take weeks, months or even years to sort out, while other divorces are very simple with the spouses agreeing on most of the elements involved in their split.

There’s obviously a market and a need for services like Wevorce, but we just want to caution people against thinking that this is a universal service that fits any divorce. Many divorces require the knowledgeable influence of a family law attorney so that the two spouses can reach a divorce agreement.

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