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Considering Filing for Bankruptcy?

Are you considering filing for Bankruptcy? We can help you get ready. The first thing you will do is have a consultation with one of our attorneys. You will discuss your situation with the attorney and they will determine whether or not bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Now you may ask "What do I need to do to prepare for filing bankruptcy?" You will want to gather your last two years tax returns, Federal and State, your last 7 months paystubs or proof income. You will also need bank statements for all accounts in your name for the last 7 months. A List of creditors and how much you owe is also helpful but not necessary and a most recent 401k statement. (Other items may be necessary depending on your individual case.)

Fatal chain reaction crash sets up chaotic accident scene

A series of motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 17 in Arizona claimed the life of one person and left numerous others with serious injuries. A drunken driver is suspected to have triggered the chain reaction event, and the police are investigating the entire series of incidents.

Arizona Divorce Documents

The documents needed to obtain a divorce in Arizona are not simple, nor should they be.  These documents are used to determine the parties' rights with respect to property and debt, custody, child support, parenting time, alimony/spousal maintenance, the division of retirement accounts and interest in real estate and businesses.

Flaws of study about Twitter and divorce are quite apparent

Many Phoenix residents may have heard about a new study that was released concerning divorce and the use of Twitter. The point of the study was to find out if Twitter use is related in any way to divorce. What the study found is that, yes, Twitter is linked to divorce.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney can be expensive.  However, not having representation can be even more costly.  An experienced lawyer knows what needs to be done and handles the procedural issues that need to be completed.  If you are not familiar with the statutes and rules that govern your case, you will not receive assistance from the Judge and certainly not from opposing counsel.  A person representing him/herself is held to the same standards as an attorney.

Vehicle swerves into oncoming traffic causing fatal wreck

A fatal motor vehicle accident in Phoenix, Arizona claimed the life of a teenager and left four other teens in the hospital. It is not known what kind of condition they are in, nor are their injuries known. A 34-year-old woman suffered serious injuries in the wreck as well.

Driver suddenly loses control of vehicle in Arizona wreck

Two vehicles were involved in a car accident north of Phoenix recently. The accident occurred in Camp Verde, Arizona, leaving one person with injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck involved a pickup truck and a minivan. The vehicles were traveling in opposite directions, but the pickup truck suddenly lost control and drifted into the minivan's lane. The minivan was sideswiped, and the driver had to be taken to the hospital.

Prepare yourself for co-parenting after divorce

Imagine that you and your spouse are happily married for many years, and during that time the two of you have a daughter. You make great parents, and for years your family unit grows together. But one day, you and your spouse approach a metaphorical hurdle that you just can't get over. The two of you go to counseling and you try to talk it out -- but nothing works. Both of you realize that divorce is the only solution to your problem.

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