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Arizona Divorce Documents

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2014 | Divorce, High Asset Divorce

The documents needed to obtain a divorce in Arizona are not simple, nor should they be.  These documents are used to determine the parties’ rights with respect to property and debt, custody, child support, parenting time, alimony/spousal maintenance, the division of retirement accounts and interest in real estate and businesses.


While the parties may believe they have reached agreements on many of these issues, “the devil is in the details.”  For instance, the parties may have agreed on a parenting time schedule.  However, do the documents state what time and where exchanges will take place; who is responsible for transportation.  A common phrase used in the divorce documents is that “Holidays will be shared equally on an alternating basis.”  These leaves open for later disputes as to what time does Christmas start.  Christmas eve or Christmas morning?  What time does it start and end?


Having an experienced and knowledgable family law attorney involved who can address these matters is crucial to ensuring that your divorce documents are prepared properly and specifically to your case.  Court forms or templates downloaded from the internet are a bad idea when it comes to protecting your rights and avoiding future disputes.

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