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Driver suddenly loses control of vehicle in Arizona wreck

| Apr 8, 2014 | Car Accidents

Two vehicles were involved in a car accident north of Phoenix recently. The accident occurred in Camp Verde, Arizona, leaving one person with injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck involved a pickup truck and a minivan. The vehicles were traveling in opposite directions, but the pickup truck suddenly lost control and drifted into the minivan’s lane. The minivan was sideswiped, and the driver had to be taken to the hospital.

It is not known what caused the driver of the pickup truck to suddenly lose control of his or her vehicle — but when that reason is discovered, it is possible that the driver will be liable for the accident.

There are so many distracting elements that can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. With the proliferation of cellphones and technology, nowadays there are even more distractions than just 20 years ago. Back in that simpler time, distracted driving usually meant a driver was changing the radio or was having a discussion with a friend in the car. They lost focus of what they were supposed to be doing — driving — and, as a result, they caused a crash.

But today, distracted driving usually means the driver was texting or making a phone call with his or her cellphone. That doesn’t mean other distracting circumstances have disappeared, but the perception of “distracted driving” has been forever changed by cellphones.

If the driver of the pickup truck was distracted for any reason, cellphone or not, then their negligence would make them liable.

Source: Verde News, “Two-car 260 wreck closes road,” Jon Hutchinson, April 3, 2014


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