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Driver tries to flee fatal wreck scene in Tucson

| Apr 28, 2014 | Car Accidents

Another day, and yet another fatal car accident has occurred under tragic and upsetting circumstances. To be fair, every fatal car accident is tragic and upsetting — but this wreck certainly ups the ante from other “average” fatal car accidents.

The crash occurred in Tucson, where a 36-year-old man was driving into an intersection with the right of way. A 22-year-old traveling in cross traffic ran a red light and T-boned the 36-year-old’s vehicle, killing the older man. The 22-year-old then tried to flee the accident scene on foot, but the source article says that he was “detained by bystanders” and was subsequently arrested by responding police officers.

The 22-year-old also had a 23-year-old in the car with him. They were both taken to a hospital so that they could receive treatment for their injuries, which were described as non-life threatening.

What is so upsetting about this wreck is the incredibly negligent behavior of the 22-year-old both before and after the wreck — and how it is actually a common response in the grand scheme of it. So many accidents happen because a driver was negligent. Maybe the driver swerved out of their lane, or was checking their phone, or ran a red light, or they were speeding. In addition, so many accidents see drivers add “hit-and-run” to their name in the wake of the accident. They flee the scene in a feeble attempt to escape punishment.

Just like the 22-year-old man in this story, a hit-and-run driver is usually caught and held responsible for his or her actions in criminal court. They can also be held liable in civil court by the victims of the crash, or the victims’ loved ones.

Source: Tucson News Now, “Driver in fatal accident arrested, victim identified,” Jackie Kent, April 16, 2014


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