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Fatal chain reaction crash sets up chaotic accident scene

| Apr 21, 2014 | Car Accidents

A series of motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 17 in Arizona claimed the life of one person and left numerous others with serious injuries. A drunken driver is suspected to have triggered the chain reaction event, and the police are investigating the entire series of incidents.

The series began when a woman crashed her Malibu into a median on I-17. The woman is said to have been impaired while driving, likely contributing to her loss of control of the vehicle. A passenger was in the vehicle with her.

That passenger was flung from the vehicle and killed after the Malibu was struck by another vehicle, a Mercury. The driver of the Malibu was hospitalized but is expected to survive, while the driver of the Mercury was hospitalized in “serious condition.” 

Once these two wrecks were complete, a third vehicle approached the accident scene and stopped. The driver got out to try to help, but he was struck by another vehicle. Luckily, he survived the accident, though he was listed in serious condition. The driver that struck this man fled the scene but later returned. He was still arrested for his actions, and the woman driving the Malibu will also be arrested once she is out of the hospital.

If this wreck teaches us anything, it is that motor vehicle accidents can be very complex. It also teaches us that there are plenty of negligent drivers out there. These two factors mean that anyone who is hurt in a motor vehicle accident needs to consult an attorney to ensure his or her rights are being protected during the investigation of the crash, and to help them pursue any civil litigation they may choose to file.

Source: azcentral, “1 dead, 3 hurt in series of I-17 crashes,” Matthew Casey, April 6, 2014


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