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Vehicle swerves into oncoming traffic causing fatal wreck

| Apr 14, 2014 | Car Accidents

A fatal motor vehicle accident in Phoenix, Arizona claimed the life of a teenager and left four other teens in the hospital. It is not known what kind of condition they are in, nor are their injuries known. A 34-year-old woman suffered serious injuries in the wreck as well.

Circumstances of the car accident are hazy at this moment, but it appears that the vehicle carrying the five teenagers drifted from the eastbound lanes it was traveling in and entered the westbound lanes. Hurdling into oncoming traffic, the vehicle eventually struck a Silverado. The two-vehicle crash is being investigated and it is believed that speed may be a factor in the crash.

Until the investigation plays out, we won’t know anything for certain. But it appears based on what the police are saying that whoever was driving the car filled with five teens was doing so inappropriately. It could have been a distracting element, such as a cellphone or a conversation with some of the other vehicle’s occupants. Or maybe a mechanical malfunction contributed to the wreck, forcing the vehicle to swerve into oncoming traffic.

In any case, here we see another wreck where teens are involved in a devastating wreck. It is unfortunate, but teens are a high-risk demographic on the road. They are prone to silly decisions — as many young people are — which can turn painful, and inherent to their nature, teen drivers are less experienced than almost anyone else on the road. That can lead to mistakes and poor choices as well.

Source: KPHO, “1 teen dead, 5 ejected in Casa Grande car crash,” Phil Benson, April 13, 2014


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