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Driver arrested in fatal crash after release from hospital

| Jun 18, 2014 | Car Accidents

When a car that is traveling at a normal rate of speed collides with a car that is stationary, the results can be devastating. The amount of force that is created can make escaping such a crash without injury almost impossible — for either the moving car or the one that was not moving. If a driver is going speeds that are well above average, however, the devastation can reach another level.

A car accident that happened in Mesa recently illustrates this point. A woman was driving her SUV at an estimated 90 mph in the early morning hours recently when she struck a car from behind that was stopped at a red light. The impact of the crash sent the car into an SUV. The two occupants of the car, a 37-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man, were killed in the accident.

Strangely, the woman allegedly got out of her vehicle after the accident and did some stretching exercises on the sidewalk. According to reports, the woman said she had smoked marijuana the evening before the crash, and said that the drug might have been spiked with another unknown drug.

The woman suffered a broken vertebra in the crash, but she was arrested by police when she was released from the hospital. She is now facing multiple criminal charges in connection with the accident, including manslaughter, aggravated DUI and aggravated assault. Court records stated that the woman is already required to maintain an ignition interlock device on the vehicle that she drives.

Source:, “Mesa police arrest woman in fatal crash,” Jennifer Thomas, June 16, 2014


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