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Filing for divorce: how to know when a marriage is unsalvageable

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

Much like life in general, every marriage goes through periods of ups and downs. How a couple chooses to approach challenges posed throughout the course of a marriage is often a direct reflection of a marriage’s health. The marriage between couples who are able to overcome challenging events and situations together is often strengthened. There are, however, some challenges within a marriage that are clear signs it’s time to walk away.

Infidelity is regarded by many married and unmarried individuals as being the ultimate act of betrayal. A spouse who engages in acts of infidelity is often acting out and trying to either escape an unhappy marriage or find something they are lacking in their own marriage. Whatever the excuse or reason, infidelity has no place in a happy and healthy relationship and frequently signals that it’s time to call it quits.

Spouses who fail to make time for one another or actively avoid spending time together are also often better off apart. A healthy marriage requires that both spouses put in large amounts of time and effort. Over the course of a marriage, life experiences and shifting priorities can result in a couple growing apart. Couples who fail to make an effort to communicate openly and honestly will likely drift apart and eventually have little to nothing in common.

In cases where a spouse has or develops a drug or alcohol problem, it’s common for a husband or wife to simply ignore the problem or even to become an enabler. While it’s important to support a spouse who may be going through a difficult time, a serious drug or alcohol addiction often puts a sober spouse and shared children in danger. It’s important, therefore, for a sober spouse to protect their own wellbeing and those of shared children and take steps to file for divorce.

No marriage is perfect and it can sometimes be difficult to identify when a marriage is going through a rough patch versus when it’s time to call it quits. Ultimately, an individual must take a hard look at the reality of the situation and health of the marriage and determine whether they are truly happy.

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