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Train rails are causing many bike accidents in Tucson

| Jun 4, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents

According to Living Streets Alliance (LSA), an organization that advocates road safety for bikes and pedestrians, there have been no less than 86 bike accidents that have occurred in a crucial area of Tucson, Arizona. The area has a lot of bike traffic, but it also has a railway in the concrete for the city’s transit system. These rails have been involved in these wrecks, which were tracked by LSA in response to the city lacking a reporting system for bike-streetcar accidents.

LSA believes their numbers only represent a small portion of the bike accidents that are actually happening in the area. Many of these bike accidents saw the rider suffer injuries, some of which were serious.

The rails for a transit system may seem like a silly source for accidents, but this is the reality for bicyclists. They have to deal with obstacles and terrain that people in cars don’t even think twice about. When you consider they are also dealing with the constant threat of being hit by cars — regardless of the obstacles and terrain — and that any motor vehicle accident they are involved in will likely result in serious injuries, it becomes clear that bikes need as much protection as they can get.

And yet, sometimes when bicyclists try to earn civil justice by filing a personal injury lawsuit, they are unable to obtain a satisfying result. One step that bikers can take to help themselves when they are out riding is to attach a small video camera to their helmet or bike. This camera could capture any accident that unfortunately happens, thus preserving the incident and offering the biker some hard evidence to support his or her civil claims.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, “More than 80 bike crashes documented on Tucson’s new streetcar tracks,” Jamar Younger and Darren DaRonco, May 25, 2014


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