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July 2014 Archives

Pedestrian on phone hit, killed by car in Phoenix

A 45-year-old pedestrian was killed in Phoenix recently after he was hit by a car. The vehicle stayed at the scene as police investigated the accident. It is unclear if impairment was involved on the part of the driver. The police did say that the pedestrian may not be blameless in the crash. The police say there are indications that he was talking on his cellphone when he entered the road, and that he wasn't crossing the street in an area that had a crosswalk.

Why prenuptial agreements are so important

Nothing quite captures the importance of a prenuptial agreement in today's day and age like the following story. A billionaire hedge fund CEO recently filed for divorce after 11 year of marriage. He and his wife said that the marriage is "irretrievable" and that the irreconcilable differences they have mean that a divorce is the only way for them to move forward.

Distractions can affect bikers just as much as drivers

A lot of the discussion around distracted driving in this country usually revolves around one act: texting while driving. There are a couple of issues with this, and the first is that texting while driving is just one of many ways that a driver can become distracted. Changing the radio station can take a driver's eyes and hands -- and even focus -- off the road long enough to cause a wreck. Talking with someone in the backseat can distract a driver. Distracted driving is a vast idea that encompasses a lot of behaviors.

Military Divorce

Arizona Military Divorce

Obtaining a divorce when one of the parties is a member of the military or retired from the military adds some complexities.  Active duty members who are currently deployed or on temporary orders out of state may invoke the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA).  This will essentially delay the proceedings until such time as the member is able to better participate in the proceedings.

Pair of motorcycle wrecks in Phoenix leave at least 1 injured

A couple of weeks ago, a pair of motorcycle accidents snarled traffic on Interstate 17 in Phoenix. In one of the wrecks, the motorcyclist needed to be taken from the scene in an ambulance. That person's condition is not known. There are few details available about either crash, but it seems likely that the motorcyclist requiring hospitalization suffered serious injuries.

When you go through divorce, avoid these financial mistakes

No matter how amicable you think your divorce is, and no matter how often you tell yourself that the divorce isn't about money, a divorce will always be about money. That doesn't mean that's all you care about in life -- it just means that finances, property and other factors involving money are inherently part of divorce. Every couple has to deal with it when they decide to go their separate ways.

Passenger truck hit by armored truck in Phoenix

An armored vehicle collided with a truck carrying two teenagers and their father recently in Phoenix. Five people were injured as a result of the crash, and the fire department had to call in numerous fire trucks in order to cut people out of their vehicles. Thankfully, no one died in the wreck and even though the father of the passenger truck suffered serious injuries and is in critical condition, he is expected to survive.

Do I need a Will?

"Do I even need an estate plan?" The very simple answer is yes. The importance of having an estate plan is not limited to the amount of assets a person owns, or the size of their "estate"; each person and their family has a very specific set of circumstances which lead to the creation of a unique plan suited to an individual or family's needs. A Last Will and Testament serves as the guideline for the distribution your estate at the time of your death, but it can also nominate guardians for your minor children. Other documents contained in an estate plan appoint agents to work on your behalf for financial and medical purposes, in the event you become incapacitated; a Living Will outlines the extent or limitation of end of life medical care you would like; and a Final Disposition provides your surviving loved ones with an idea of what your memorial or funeral should include.

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