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Fatal wreck on I-40 leaves 4 dead, questions about driver

| Aug 26, 2014 | Car Accidents

A vicious head-on crash between two vehicles in Flagstaff, Arizona claimed the lives of four of the eight people who were in the two vehicles. Three were airlifted from the scene to a nearby hospital. Very little is known about the crash, other than the fact that the Arizona Department of Safety believes that one car crossed over the center line and struck the other vehicle involved.

What could have caused the driver to suddenly swerve across the center line will be the major focus of the investigation. Was the driver influenced by some sort of intoxicant? Was the driver texting or using his or her cellphone? Were there other distractions in the car that caused the driver to lose control and cause this devastating crash?

Only time will tell what was the root cause of this unfortunate car accident, but if there was negligence involved in the build up to the crash, there could be wrongful death lawsuits filed against the responsible driver.

It may not be what victims, or the loved ones of victims, want to think about in the aftermath of a crash. But legal action against a negligent or reckless driver isn’t just important because of the potential compensation it could yield for you (thus allowing you to deal with the complicated financial picture that accompanies a serious or fatal car accident). It’s also important because it holds the negligent person responsible and sends a message to people that you can’t just drive around in a reckless fashion.

Source: ABC15, “DPS: 4 killed in I-40 crash near Flagstaff,” Aug. 7, 2014


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