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Rollover accident on Interstate 17 kills driver

| Aug 5, 2014 | Truck Accidents

Interstate 17 came to a screeching halt last Friday when an oil tanker truck flipped over and crashed. Unfortunately, the wreck was fatal, as emergency responders tended to the accident scene in Phoenix. Few other details were released about the crash, other than the rollover accident saw the truck end up on top of the median.

It was a single vehicle wreck, which means that a civil lawsuit is unlikely to occur. But the circumstances of the crash are still a reminder to everyone in Arizona that when any vehicle rolls over — in any context — it presents uniquely dangerous circumstances that can leave the victims of the accident seriously injured.

For example, since rollover accidents inherently affect an area (the roof) of the car that isn’t as “strong” as the rest of the vehicle, the passengers are susceptible to head, neck and upper body injuries. These types of injuries can have long lasting effects on a victim, and they could even lead to permanent disabilities or scars. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal injuries, specifically, can affect a person forever, robbing them of their ability to perform the events, activities and even menial everyday chores of which they were once capable.

The point is that rollover accidents are extremely dangerous, and when negligence is involved in the cause and effect of those rollover wrecks, the victims need to consider what kind of legal action they can or should take. Such legal action could be vital to help them recover from the accident and pay for long-term medical or rehabilitative costs.

Source: KGUN, “Fatal Phoenix accident slows traffic on I-17,” Associated Press, Aug. 1, 2014


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