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The mistakes you need to avoid when going through a divorce

Divorce is a complex and serious matter, obviously. But even though everyone is aware of this, there are still plenty of cases where a spouse made a critical mistake or didn't respect the complexities of the divorce process -- and as a result, their divorce did not end in the way they thought it would. So what mistakes should you avoid when you are going through a divorce, and what basic elements do you need to know about the divorce process?

Truck swerves into oncoming traffic, causes fatal wreck

A fatal motor vehicle accident to the south of Phoenix, Arizona on Interstate 10 was caused by a large semi truck crossing the median and entering oncoming traffic. The truck then struck another vehicle in oncoming traffic, and one person in that other vehicle was killed. Police are investigating the crash, and more information will be provided soon.

Texting while driving is an incredibly dangerous act

According to some data from a recent distracted driving crackdown by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, texting while driving is not one of the major causes of a distracted driver. However, general cellphone use is the top cause for distracted driving, and it appears that the younger crowds -- people aged 21-30 -- are the most susceptible to allowing their cellphone to get the better of them while in the driver's seat.

The military divorce conundrum, and how to solve it

Picture a divorce in your mind, and what do you think of? Are the spouses despondent and resigned to their fate? Are they worrying about property division and arguing over what assets belong to which spouse? Do they have children? Is a custody battle about to begin? What about the financial outlook of these spouses once the divorce is complete? Did they sign a prenup, or are the spouses without that kind of contractual protection?

What are some basic things to know following a car accident?

There are so many factors to consider about a car accident and after a car accident that it can often feel overwhelming for someone involved in a wreck. So what are a few things you can key in on to make the process simpler? First of all, remember that the police won't necessarily arrive at your accident -- but they almost always will. When they do, a police report will be filed, and this report can contain some critical information that could help you later on should you pursue legal action.

Fatal Phoenix wreck sparked by 'dine and dash'

As many Phoenix residents have probably heard by now, there was a tragic and completely unnecessary car accident that claimed two lives in the city a couple of weeks ago (and has since claimed a third). The wreck started because a couple tried to "dine and dash," the act of running out of a restaurant without paying your bill. When the couple fled, employees at the restaurant called the police, who chased the couple for a while before backing off.

Be prepared for community property during divorce

Arizona is a community property state, which means that any assets or property that are deemed to be "shared" or "marital" assets are subject to community property laws. Each spouse is then given a 50 percent stake in each asset that is deemed to be subject to community property laws, and arrangements need to be made from there to ensure that the asset is handled properly.

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