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Fatal Phoenix wreck sparked by ‘dine and dash’

| Oct 7, 2014 | Wrongful Death

As many Phoenix residents have probably heard by now, there was a tragic and completely unnecessary car accident that claimed two lives in the city a couple of weeks ago (and has since claimed a third). The wreck started because a couple tried to “dine and dash,” the act of running out of a restaurant without paying your bill. When the couple fled, employees at the restaurant called the police, who chased the couple for a while before backing off.

The fleeing couple eventually plowed into another vehicle at an intersection. Both drivers in the vehicles were killed, and the woman who was part of the “dine and dash” died a few days after the wreck due to her injuries.

For such an avoidable and unnecessary car crash to claim three lives and change many families forever is upsetting on a lot of levels. The negligence involved in this crash is astounding, and if the driver who caused this “dine and dash” wreck survived the ordeal, he would have been held accountable for his (and his partner’s) behavior.

Sadly, car accidents claim lives every day. Not every car accident involves negligence or reckless behavior by a driver, but some do. When these fatal wrecks occur, the affected family or families may consider a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. An investigation into the wreck will occur, just like any wreck — but the affected family or families will want to wait for that investigation to be completed so that they may have support for their wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: KTAR, “Dine-and-dash ends in fatal car wreck in Phoenix,” Sept. 19, 2014


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