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Truck swerves into oncoming traffic, causes fatal wreck

| Oct 27, 2014 | Truck Accidents

A fatal motor vehicle accident to the south of Phoenix, Arizona on Interstate 10 was caused by a large semi truck crossing the median and entering oncoming traffic. The truck then struck another vehicle in oncoming traffic, and one person in that other vehicle was killed. Police are investigating the crash, and more information will be provided soon.

All speculation now turns to the truck and the driver of the truck. Was the truck driver distracted in some way? Was there a mechanical failure with the truck? Had it received regular maintenance in the past weeks, months and years? What about the driver’s sleep? Did he or she comply with mandated rest laws, and was the truck company aware of any potential rest law violations by allowing the driver out on the road?

All of these questions are speculative, but any of them could come into play with this accident. Sadly, these questions routinely play a role in many accidents that involve large semi trucks. When it is discovered that negligence played a role in a serious or fatal accident that involved a semi truck, there are numerous parties who could be held liable.

Proving that liability can be very difficult though. It may seem a forgone conclusion, but there are many logistical matters that need to be cleared in order to prove fault in a motor vehicle accident, let alone a more complex one involving a truck. In addition, the truck company will do everything in its power to mitigate its liability in the wreck. You need legal representation in the wake of a truck accident to ensure justice is being done.

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