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Motorcyclists need help after an accident

| Dec 3, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Imagine riding a motorcycle down the highway. The speed. The air. The sound. It all makes for terrific atmosphere — and you’re going no faster than other vehicles on the road. You’re an obedient and safe motorcyclist, just like most motorcyclists out there. So as you’re going down the highway, you prepare to get in to an exit lane.

Suddenly a car just entering the highway pulls up and without regard for you or your safety merges into your lane, clipping you and sending you hurdling to the asphalt. The resulting injuries aren’t pretty, and they will take many weeks and months of therapy and treatment to heal. Even if all goes well, the likelihood that you are permanently scarred is very high.

This is the fate of many motorcyclists after an accident. Your motorcycle is ruined. Your body is in a lot of pain and may be disfigured. You have immense medical bills to pay. And all of this is because one driver couldn’t spare a moment to look over his or her shoulder to see if a motorcyclist was near them.

Sometimes drivers overlook or don’t see motorcyclists. That isn’t an excuse, it just happens. But when it does, the driver doesn’t necessarily get away with it. The injured motorcyclist can seek a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver, and we at Trullinger & Wenk can help just such a person. We have the experience to help injured motorcyclists get their life back on track after a devastating accident.


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