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Crash involving motorcycle, other vehicle causes serious injuries

| Jan 5, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Arizona left two people with injuries and many people wondering what exactly caused the crash. At this point, all that is known is that a motorcycle carrying two people collided with another vehicle. The two people on the motorcycle suffered multiple non-life threatening injuries. The people in the other vehicle refused medical treatment.

The police will investigate the crash and try to figure out exactly what happened. Was the driver of the other vehicle distracted? Did anyone violate the rules of the road? Did the driver of the vehicle fail to see the motorcycle? Was the motorcycle at fault in any way? These questions will be answered in the coming days and weeks as the police work towards releasing a comprehensive report on the crash.

In the meantime, we wish the two injured motorcyclists well.

This story brings two important factors in motorcycle crashes to the forefront. First of all, motorcyclists are very susceptible to injury, much more so than people in most other vehicles. Usually motorcyclists suffer very serious injuries that are rare for people in other vehicles: terrible abrasions and lacerations (which can spur on serious infections), as well as dreadful head, neck and brain injuries.

The other factor here is that these injuries necessitate the person go through extensive medical and rehabilitative care to recover. These are expensive steps that must be taken, and if it can be proven that another person is at fault for the wreck, an injured motorcyclist can have his or her medical bills paid via a personal injury lawsuit that holds the negligent driver responsible.

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