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Wintry conditions cause massive pile-up

| Jan 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

An astonishing car crash in New Hampshire occurred recently, and even though it didn’t occur here in Arizona and it involves conditions that few people in Phoenix need to worry about on a regular basis, the story will still resonate with you as it highlights an important element to car accidents.

The wreck occurred during a major snow storm, causing slick roads and obviously dangerous road conditions. It is unclear how many vehicles are involved in the massive pileup, but some are reporting that at least 100 vehicles ended up involved in the pile-up. The freeway had to be shut down, a fire was reported on the scene, and many people near the wreck took to social media to share pictures of the crazy crash scene.

Maybe the most amazing part about this crash is that only a few injuries were reported, and none of them were life-threatening. Considering all of the factors involved, this is a minor miracle.

The magnitude of this crash will cause many headaches — and not just literal ones from the impact of the accidents. Everyone involved in this crash will be dealing with their insurer, as well as the many insurers of other people in the crash too. Pile-up crashes like this tend to get complicated, and it is why shared liability for car accidents is such a relevant and needed legal premise.

Shared liability will hold everyone liable for the wreck, though the percentages will probably break down into forgiving amounts for people who are objectively the “victims” of the wreck.

Source: Gawker, “Fiery Crash Involving Dozens of Cars Shuts Down New Hampshire Highway,” Taylor Berman, Jan. 2, 2015


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