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February 2015 Archives

Train, truck collide, leaving 28 people with injuries

As many Phoenix residents have probably heard by now, a bizarre and disastrous accident between a truck and a train has left many people with injuries. That's obviously the disastrous side of this story, but the bizarre part is that the truck driver not only survived the collision but also managed to flee the scene -- before getting captured about a mile from the accident scene.

About that time when Beanie Babies were crucial assets

In our source article, the Huffington Post found an amazing picture of a couple that was dividing up their assets in a divorce courtroom. That may not sound out of the ordinary to you, but in this case, they were literally splitting up their assets between them in the courtroom. And those assets were Beanie Babies. The 1990s were some crazy time, weren't they?

A discussion about biking in Prescott, Arizona

A city councilwoman made waves in Prescott, Arizona recently after she announced that she gave up bicycling when she moved to Prescott from Flagstaff. She did this, she says, because the major paved roads in Prescott -- which are the only way to get around, according to an official -- are simply too dangerous for bikers. She only rides on trails now.

Car, motorcycle involved in scary Phoenix wreck

A motor vehicle accident between a car and a motorcycle has left the motorcyclist in "extremely critical" condition and police searching the accident scene for clues about how the wreck occurred. The crash happened at an intersection, and some brief video footage makes it seem as though the car struck the motorcycle with the front of the vehicle.

Child custody, property division play role in Dempsey divorce

When it comes to divorce, there are two topics that usually "take the cake" in terms of potential disagreement and emotional distress: children and finances. These are usually the two biggest factors in a divorce, no matter how amicable the splitting spouses may be. In the case of child custody, even if joint custody can be agreed to, the splitting spouses may disagree on other elements to the custody agreement (holiday time, visitation, and other factors).

The serious risks involved in a rollover accident

Two vehicles on Interstate 10 collided recently and caused a rollover accident that shut down traffic in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane for a while. One person was injured in the wreck, though thankfully it is being reported that the injuries the person sustained are not life threatening. An investigation by the police is to be expected so that we can find out how the wreck really occurred.

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