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The serious risks involved in a rollover accident

| Feb 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

Two vehicles on Interstate 10 collided recently and caused a rollover accident that shut down traffic in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane for a while. One person was injured in the wreck, though thankfully it is being reported that the injuries the person sustained are not life threatening. An investigation by the police is to be expected so that we can find out how the wreck really occurred.

The important aspect of this car accident story is the fact that one of the vehicles rolled over during the wreck. Rollover accidents pose unique injury threats to the people in the vehicle.

Imagine a rollover accident, because they are unlike any accident that you may have been involved in or even considered. The rolling effect moves your body in unexpected ways, and when the vehicle rolls upside down, the crushing effect on the roof the car can endanger critical parts of your body, such as your head, neck and spine.

In addition, the safety features of vehicles aren’t quite as comprehensive up near the roof many cars, so there is little (if any) protection for these vital areas of your body.

Serious injuries can occur in rollover accidents. The injuries can even be life-changing. If that does happen to an individual, the person (and/or his or her loved ones) needs to consider legal action — not just so justice can be done to anyone responsible for the wreck, but also so that you have the financial compensation to help you live your new life.

Source:, “2-car rollover accident on I-10 injures 1,” Jerod MacDonald-Evoy


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