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22-year-old bicyclist killed in crash with car

| Mar 30, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents

A few weeks ago, a bike was struck by a car in Phoenix, Arizona. The collision was fatal, killing the bicyclist and leaving many people wondering what exactly happened during the wreck. Police have not said much in terms of the details of the wreck, but it appears that the person driving the car is cooperating with police. The 22-year-old bicyclist was taken to a hospital after the crash, but he was declared dead after arriving.

So without knowing much about the fatal crash, what is there to learn from this unfortunate fatal bike crash?

The first thing to know here is that bicyclists are often an ignored figure on the road. This doesn’t mean that every driver is ignoring bicyclists — but there are many examples of bicyclists who have been struck by motor vehicles that were driven by people who simply didn’t see (or didn’t pay attention to) the biker. This is unacceptable, and the driver who failed to see the biker could be held liable in civil court for their negligence.

For bicyclists, it is important to remember that any piece of evidence you can provide to help the police with their investigation is crucial. Along these lines, it is a good idea to wear some sort of video camera to record your rides. That way if a crash does occur, you could have video evidence to show a driver’s negligence.

And speaking of the investigation by police, it is important to remember that this investigation may take longer than you anticipate. Have patience and make sure you are discussing with an attorney during this time if you are considering a civil lawsuit.

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