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Multiple injured after 2 vehicles involved in Phoenix crash

| Mar 16, 2015 | Car Accidents

Two vehicles collided in Phoenix recently, causing injuries to three people. Two 15-year-old girls were injured in the crash, though the severity wasn’t clarified, and a 38-year-old was hospitalized in “serious but stable” condition.

There are few details available about this wreck, but what is known is that one of the vehicles struck a streetlight. Whether this happened after the crash between the two vehicles that were involved is unclear, just as it is unclear who was negligent or at fault — if there is a clear negligent cause — for the accident.

Now the speculation begins. What caused the accident? There are myriad possibilities, but lets look at a few common causes of accidents like these.

First, if this crash happened at an intersection, then it is possible that one of the vehicles misjudged a traffic light or made an improper turn at the intersection. This happens all the time, and it is the reason many accidents happen at intersections.

Another possible cause is distracted driving. One of the drivers may have been using their cellphone, or fiddling with the radio, or doing something else that took their attention off of the road and on to something far more risky (at least when driving).

It is also possible that this is a true “accident,” though even in these cases there is often someone who is pinned as the “at fault” driver. This is important to consider if you have been injured in a true “accident” because you may think you have no legal recourse. However, you could still have a chance to earn compensation.

Source:, “2 sent to hospital in Phoenix car crash,” Brenna Goth, March 8, 2015


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