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Collision at intersection leaves 4 people with injuries

| Apr 13, 2015 | Car Accidents

An accident over the weekend in Phoenix, Arizona left four people injured and the police wondering how the wreck occurred in the first place. According to the police, two vehicles collided at an intersection. Each vehicle had a man and a woman inside, and all four people involved in the wreck needed to be taken to trauma centers as a result of the collision.

Police do not know at this time how the wreck occurred, but they did say that all four people were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash. It is very possible, given the carnage visible in the source article’s photos, that the victims’ decision to wear their seatbelts saved their lives.

There are a couple of things to learn from this accident, and the first is the seatbelt factor. It’s such a simple decision to wear your seatbelt, and yet so many people every year decide to go without one on their ride. That results in far too many unnecessary deaths during car accidents. To everyone out there who rides in a car: make sure you wear your seatbelt. It really could save your life.

The other important lesson here is that medical costs are a huge part in most car accidents, and certainly in severe ones. When people suffer tremendous injuries, it will cost them dearly. If the accident occurred at the hands of a negligent driver though, the victims could seek financial compensation to help them pay for their medical bills via a personal injury lawsuit.

Source:, “4 sent to trauma centers after 2-vehicle Phoenix crash,” David Yirchott, April 12, 2015


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