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Hit-and-run driver involved in fatal motorcycle accident

| Apr 27, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

A man from Peoria who was killed while he was riding on his motorcycle recently because the driver of a car was out of control and collided into the rear of the motorcycle. Sadly, the result of the wreck was that the motorcyclist died and, even worse still, the driver of the car fled the scene. Thankfully, a trail of fluids from the car led police to the vehicle and the man responsible for the wreck. He was arrested and the police believe alcohol was involved in the wreck.

While this may not be your typical motorcycle accident — or even your typical motor vehicle accident in general — it still exemplifies the unfortunate dangers that motorcyclists have to deal with out on the road. One hit from another vehicle, may it be a big hit or a small hit, will usually send the motorcyclist careening from his or her vehicle, and the fall is unlikely to result in anything but serious or catastrophic injuries. 

It is the unfortunate reality for all motorcyclists: the risk of serious injury is very high. But that doesn’t mean motorcyclists deserve it when an accident happens. To the contrary, it means drivers of other vehicles need to — and, indeed, must — observe special caution around motorcycles.

Clearly the driver in this case wasn’t observing such caution, and he should (and probably will) endure some serious consequences as a result. It’s even possible that he could face a civil case in addition to the likely criminal charges that he will eventually deal with.

Source:, “Peoria man dies in motorcycle accident,” Phil Benson, April 19, 2015


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