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Cellphone use is still an embarrassingly common factor in crashes

| May 26, 2015 | Car Accidents

Texting while driving — and, more generally, cellphone use while driving — is, unfortunately, a thing. While it seems ludicrous that people would choose to look away from the road and down at an electronic device when they are operating a powerful motor vehicle that weighs a ton, the alluring nature of a text message or a Facebook update is clearly too powerful to resist for many drivers.

And that alluring nature is what costs so many people their lives on an annual basis, let alone countless others who survive a distracted driving accident but are left reeling from the consequences of the accident. Still, people continue to look down at their cellphones while driving, even though most people are well aware of the dangers.

A new study makes this abundantly clear, and even though it may seem like this study has come out once a month for the past couple of years, it is still important for these studies to be released. The word needs to continually be out there: using your cellphone while driving is negligent and costly. The most recent study, by the National Safety Council, found that 21 percent of all crashes in 2013 involved cellphone use, and that another 6 to 16 percent of crashes involved texting while driving.

That means that more than one quarter of all crashes in 2013 were directly related to someone using or looking at a cellphone, and that the statistic could be as high as more than one third of crashes.

Source: NBC News, “More Than a Quarter of U.S. Crashes Involve Cell Phone Use: Study,” May 19, 2015


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