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Fatal wreck between 2 vehicles being investigated

| May 28, 2015 | Wrongful Death

A car accident in Phoenix, Arizona claimed the life of one person, and left two others with injuries. One of the injured individuals needed to be transported to a trauma center, and was described as being in “critical” condition. The photo in our source article gives you a very clear idea of how devastating the impact was between the two cars when the collision occurred.

Not much else is known about the car accident at this time as the police continue to investigate the wreck.

One thing we do know is that the other injured party, the person who was not in critical condition, refused medical treatment at the scene. This is still an important aspect to this crash, even though there are more serious and pressing matters involved. Refusing medical treatment is actually a poor decision in most cases, regardless of how minor your injuries are. The care will expedite your recovery and create a record of your injuries.

In the moment, that record may not seem important. But down the line, should you pursue legal action or should the injury have other consequences, you can reference that record to support your claim.

The obvious factor to consider in this wreck, though, is the death of one of the people involved. When the police conclude their investigation into the wreck, there could be some crucial evidence in there that supports the idea that negligence was involved in the crash. If that is the case, the loved ones of the deceased victim could pursue wrongful death litigation.

Source: ABC 15, “Woman dead after two-car crash in Phoenix,” May 15, 2015


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