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What a wrongful death does for many grieving families

| Jun 26, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Grief is the natural response after a loved one dies. It is normal to feel victimized or angry after a death. It seems unfair that the relative had to go.

Most of the time, we come to accept our loss, because death is a part of life. But when a loved one died because of another party’s negligence, it can be much harder to come to terms with, especially if the person or business responsible does not face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family may have hospital and funeral bills to pay, and will have to go on without the income he or she brought into the household. On top of grief, they may face an uncertain future. How will the mortgage or rent get paid? Will there be food on the table?

Many people find that wrongful death litigation can bring them peace of mind and make up for their financial losses. Part of a wrongful death lawsuit is gathering evidence; in this way, survivors may learn more about how their loved one’s death was allowed to happen. Removing some of the mystery surrounding the death may help grievers to cope.

So too would reducing the financial burden the defendant’s negligence has caused. A settlement or verdict can help cover costs already borne, like hospital bills, and costs coming in the future, like lost future income. In addition, having those responsible for causing the death pay damages is an important form of justice in our legal system.

People who believe their loved one’s death should not have happened should not wait to speak to a personal injury attorney, due to time limits imposed by law.


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