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Country stars Lambert, Shelton to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

As many Phoenix residents have probably heard by now, the power country couple of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert is no more. The country stars decided to file for divorce recently, as their four-year marriage finally crumbled. The couple had always been plagued by extensive divorce rumors in the press, and it appears that they finally came true. The couple released a statement requesting privacy and respect while they go through the divorce process.

It is easy to be cynical about celebrity splits like this. They happen so frequently — or at least it seems that way — that it is tough to focus on the difficult issues that these couples are likely dealing with. But there really are some serious issues to consider here.

First of all, do Lambert and Shelton have a prenuptial agreement together? As we have outlined before, there are many important provisions that can, and can’t, be included in this important document, and the prenup will dictate much of what goes on in the divorce.

Another important factor here is that these are two wealthy people who undoubtedly have a lot of assets, both individually and collectively as a couple. These assets can cause a lot of friction with a divorce, no matter whether you are a celebrity couple or the average American family. Property division and asset management in the face of divorce is an important factor that needs to be handled carefully (and appropriately).

As you can see, it behooves any divorcing couple to seek independent legal counsel.

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