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Wrong-way wreck sparks 2nd crash involving semi trucks

| Jul 13, 2015 | Truck Accidents

There was a pair of tragic motor vehicle accidents in Arizona this weekend, with the second of the wrecks involving a bevy of semi trucks and commercial vehicles. That wreck was triggered by a fatal wrong-way accident that occurred earlier on Interstate 10.

A semi-truck was approaching the scene of that accident, but failed to brake in time for the traffic congestion related to that first wreck. Three other semi trucks or commercial vehicles ended up colliding with that first semi truck, which sparked a fire in the first truck. The driver of that vehicle was killed. There are few other details known about the second wreck at this point, as the police continue to look into the fatal truck accident.

We don’t want to be insensitive given the nature of this story, but trucks and truck drivers frequently struggle with braking. It’s just the nature of the trucking industry. These vehicles are inherently heavy, and the cargo loads that they carry are often incredibly heavy as well. Such a vehicle, once it has a certain amount of momentum, will be very difficult to handle.

However, that also doesn’t excuse irresponsible or reckless operation of a semi truck. When innocent people are injured as a result of a truck colliding with their vehicle, it is only natural to question the way in which the larger vehicle was handled. If the cargo load was improperly packed in the truck, or if the truck driver did not follow safe or proper driving protocol, then the injured party may consider legal action.

Source: ABC 15, “Traffic alert: Semi truck accident with fire closes I -10 Eastbound closed near Quartzite,” July 11, 2015


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